Friday, March 22, 2013



should have a Drew to entertain them.
should be embarrassed by their children.
loves waving to kids who randomly wave to them first.
was staring at us at Costco tonight.  (Before Drew waved fanatically at them.)
should have ice cream bars dipped in chocolate for dinner every once in a while.  (Jonah)
should be so lucky to have a twin brother.
who knows me, knows how much I love my family...embarrassing moments and all.
should laugh hysterically with their children.
should tell their children at least fifteen times a day how much they love them. 
should hug and kiss the cheeks of their kids every chance they get.
should talk in a way with their family that will make them laugh out loud. 
loves happy people.  Well, they should, anyway.
should have the joy of their salvation if they are walking in God's ways.
needs to have more fun, because sometimes, life just sucks and this world needs more happy people.

Wouldn't you agree?

Love to all. 

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