Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny Guilt

Facebook is at it again.  And Pinterest...and Instagram...

I'll stop there.

In browsing through my newsfeed tonight on Facebook, I am bombarded with these crazy, crafty moms who are giving their kids the greatest Easter ever.

Jealous?  Bitter?  Hmmm...I need to check my tone on here, I suppose.  ;)

I am all of a sudden hit with Easter bunny guilt. 

We never really made the Easter bunny a big deal~like he's there, but he's not...I'm hoping if I just don't mention it to my younger boys, they'll not think about it.  And while we have always given our boys a little something, it was just that...a little something.  A little candy, a little bunny or stuffed toy when they were younger, maybe a ball...some things of that sort. 

This year they're each getting candy and the movie Parental Guidance.

For one thing, it gets expensive with four kids.  But for a whole different reason, I just don't want to make Easter about that.  I just heard this Thursday, where we get the word Easter for this time of year.  Eostre was the Greek goddess of fertility~fast forward a few hundred years (thousand?) and you get the humanized word, Easter.  She was the goddess of fertility~hence the eggs that our kids so love to hunt for.

I don't know where the bunny came in, except that it's creepy.  ;)

We don't want a humanized version of this holy day....we want the Christian version that we believe in...this being Resurrection Sunday, the day that Jesus rose from the grave.

It's in the spring time, and spring represents new life. 

That is what I want the boys to remember~not all the junk they were given on yet another mindless holiday. 

I'm sorry if this is coming out all wrong~I don't want to bash, and please know that we do give our kids a little something.  We just keep it simple.  It's okay if you don't, it's just something we've chosen not to do in our family.

Except for that one year that Auntie Lisa and one of her kids came and laid eggs in our front if the Easter bunny himself had hatched all over our grass.  That was fun.  And something we've been forced to carry on every year.  But not this year...they're too old, and the grass is too wet for us to be traipsing around outside throwing eggs.  And we have to be at church at 8:45, so we really will not have time in the morning.

Did I mention that Jonah, Noah and I are getting baptized?!?!  We are, and I cannot WAIT.  I most especially cannot wait to worship my Savior and King tomorrow morning, with fellow believers.  I pray you have a church to go tomorrow~if not, come and worship with me at Collierville First Baptist Church.  There's a nine fifteen service, that we're getting baptized in, and a ten forty-five service after that.

It's going to be amazing.  I pray you celebrate the true reason for this holy day.  Love to all. 


Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

AHHH... This is not coming across wrong at all... I didn't post a pic of our Easter baskets because I was too ashamed of them being so "lame" compaired to the perfect Moms. We only do candy (like jelly beans in eggs & 2 reese cups per kid), and books... Westin did get a new shirt, books & sippy cup... the boys got candy and a book, oh and a $1 football from the dollar store that they so kindly gave to Westin, I guess it wasn't up to par for them.
I also explained to them that the Easter bunny isn't real. I didn't say those exact words to them but I made sure that they know it is all in fun and Easter is SO MUCH more important...

all4boys said...

I knew I loved you, Katie. We have never ever ever done elaborate Easter baskets...if you want to know the truth, I feel like that part of this holy day is so lame! If I had it to do over again, I would never have even let them believe in the Easter bunny. :/ I'm glad to know you're an imperfect mom right along with me! They know it's from us~they have to...I literally never even utter the words 'Easter bunny'. They're pretty smart, so I'm sure they've picked up on it!!

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