Tuesday, March 19, 2013

camping adventures (day 2), day 139

On Saturday, it was supposed to get really hot again, so we decided to go into Holly Springs.  There was a restaurant that my friend Sharon had heard about, and it sounded good to us, too.  It was called Phillip's Grocery.

Isn't it neat?  The food was yummy.  There were lots of interesting things to look at.  This being three of them:

Seriously...are they not the cutest things ever?  Ashleigh is the sweetest little thing...and the boys have been friends with her since they were two.  I don't think they even remember her, but somewhere I have pics of them running around together in the old kindergarten hall of the old part of the elementary school that's no longer there.  I would love to know what Jonah was laughing at.

I liked this building, too:

After lunch, we did some more geocaching.

Which led us to a cemetery.  That's always a hit with kids, right?  Score!  They found treasure. 

We walked some more to another find:

We ended up being in the hood, and didn't even realize it.  I loved the pic above, though...we were so close to being in someone's back yard, it was almost ridiculous!  I was a teeny bit nervous.

More walking...more of the old square...I love old towns!  Have I mentioned that?

After we geocached, we went back to the campsite.  And found a lake for them to put their feet into.  It was freezing!  But refreshing, too.  :)

We had dinner and did some of this:

 Played some games...

Fell asleep in a chair...{check out Crash!}...

Enjoyed the beautiful starlit sky...

And searched for some critter the boys heard.

It was lovely and beautiful and perfect.  See why we hated to come home so bad?

We had the best time. 

Love to all. 

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