Monday, March 25, 2013

a little time away

Today was blessed.  My kiddos decided they wanted to spend the night with their Mimi and Papa last night, so they did!  The joys of homeschool...

It worked out great because I got to go out with my sweet mama. 

Isn't she purdy?

It's so rare for us to spend any time alone...I'm always so busy with school stuff, or I can't get away on a Saturday....every moment is a gift from God.  I try not to take advantage of the moments we have together.  I know many, many people who would give anything for just one more hour with their moms. 

I'm blessed.

I came home and made dinner, and my in-law's brought my boys back to me.  I missed them.  I always do when they're gone.  It's nice to have a break, don't get me wrong, but I always love the moment they come home.  I not only love them, I genuinely like them.  I like being around them.

It's important to have a little "me" time every once in a blue moon.  I don't get it that often, but I'm glad.  I appreciate it more that way. 

This morning was amazing...I started reading the seven day story of Easter in the Bible (from my YouVersion ap), and after some time spent in God's word, I prayed.  God met me here, in my living room recliner.  He always does...I just had some extra, concentrated, much-needed time with Him this morning. 

It was so sweet. 

I read a really great blog earlier, about a lady who loves Easter.  She said this about my favorite holiday: "I simply cannot get over Jesus."

I can't.

I can't get enough of Him.

I am an emotional wreck on the actual holiday of Easter.  I cry almost all day.  And not just a little sniff, sniff here and there...I mean the ugly cry, folks.  The one people might stare at. 

But do I care? 


I didn't care on Sunday when I stood up in the worship service, though no one else was, in a packed out sanctuary with over a thousand people.  Because if I hadn't stood up, I was about to come UNDIGNIFIED.  I mean, I practically jumped out of my skin, people.  The worship was that amazing.  That powerful.

We could all stand to become undignified every once in a while. 

God says, in the Bible, that if we don't cry out in worship, the very rocks will. 

All this being said, I've been listening to worship music all night.  Chris Tomlin's new Burning Lights cd is amazing.  So is Passion 2013.  I've "shared" several videos on Facebook.  Colton Dixon's Jesus Paid It All is can find the video on YouTube.

I feel refreshed.  I am ready for tomorrow.

Love to all.  

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