Wednesday, February 20, 2013

things I like (you can also call it day 111)

Sunshine!  There was lots of it today.
Sleeping in a little...we stayed up too late last night.
Lemon sauce.  I'm making some with our dinner tonight.  (Thanks, Big Daddy!)
The fact that Graham loves to shop for groceries.  He is a lifesaver.
Freshly painted fingernails.  Today's choice~Every Month is Oktoberfest!
Good Luck Charlie on Disney.  (No judgement, please.)
Brushing my teeth.  Seriously, I could go for hours.
A clean kitchen.
Painting.  I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.
Television.  I might have a problem with it, in fact.
Listening to my kids laughing and having fun upstairs.
Talking to my mom on the phone.  I'm thankful for our moments.
Fiends.  Actual friends and the tv show.
The Today Show.  I especially love Savannah...she's cute as a button.
Getting my teeth cleaned.  We all have dental appointments this morning.

And speaking of that last one, I have to go...we need to leave in about an hour and I have sleeping kiddos to wake up and get fed.  Happy Wednesday to you!  Love to all.  


Rene' said...

Looooove Good Luck Charlie.....and Dog With A Blog! No judging here! :) (The other shows get on my nerves...)

all4boys said...

I've only seen Dog With A Blog once or doesn't grate on my nerves as bad as all the other ones, but Good Luck Charlie, I love! I particularly love the mom...she is crazy! Love her character to pieces. ;)

Rene' said...

Me too!! Ava's catch phrase right now is "Ba-BAM!" Hilarious!!! :)

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