Friday, February 15, 2013

Sisters {day 107}

I love mine.  I have four sisters and one brother.  In order of birth, it goes Paul, Terri, Lisa, Debi, Tricia, and little ole me.  ;) 

I wish I got to see all of them more than I do, but the only two I see regularly are Lisa and Trish. 

I'm thankful for them.  Very much so.  {Not just for Lisa and Trish, but ALL of my siblings.}

It's been forever since I've gotten to go out on a sister date, and tonight we did that.  Do you know how much we laughed?  We did.  Hysterically.  I even cried at one point. 

It was heavenly. 

We sat and just talked for a very long time. 

It's not often that we have uninterrupted time like that.  I love them.  :)  I thank God for all of these siblings of mine.  I sincerely wish Debi had been here to eat and laugh with us.  We have so much fun when the four of us younger girls are together. 

How was your Friday night? 

Mine was blessed indeed.  I will leave you with some images of my lovelies and myself. 

{I'm the baby in Lisa's lap, then it's Tricia and Debi.}

{This was Lisa's 50th birthday bash on the beach.  Left to right is my niece Erika, her mom Lisa, Tricia, Mom, me and Debi.}

Love to all. 

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