Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday & Sunday (days 108 and 109)

Saturday.  Sleeping late.  Bigger-than-normal breakfast.  Favorite television shows.  Lazy day.

All of these things are what our Saturday's consist of.  No longer do I feel so rushed.  No longer do I feel like part of a rat race.  I might again, someday, but for now, those feelings are long gone.

I am thankful for that.  Our weeks have become so much less stressful that I often forget what day it is.  When kids in school are out for the day, I often don't know about it, because we're caught up in our own school work. 

I'm thankful for that, too. 

I started and finished a really amazing book yesterday.  I've been reading LOTS of good books, but more on that later.  The one I started and finished yesterday was by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, and it was called Lost Melody.  It was about a young lady who was a pianist, who was involved in a horrible wreck and lost the use of her left hand.  She no longer played the piano, but through God's grace, discovered that He had a far greater plan for her life.  It was amazing...I can't say anymore without giving it away, but I got it from the library.  I encourage you to read it. 

I love getting lost in a good book.  I was lost yesterday.  I finished it at my mom's last night so I could leave it for her to enjoy. 

Today was a great morning at church.  We are visiting other churches, I feel like I can say it publicly now.  Nothing happened at CFBC, we're not offended or anything like that.  It's just the fact that a totally different denomination change maybe wasn't the best choice for our family.  We went from an Assembly of God church to a Baptist church, and I'll just say things are quite different. 

One thing I missed was amazing praise and worship. 

Let me tell ya~we got a taste of it this morning.  You could physically feel the presence of the heart was racing.  I've missed that feeling.  My kids have missed that feeling, too, because they all commented about it the minute the service was over.  The stage was dark and smoky with cool lighting effects, the music was loud and people participated in was awesome.  There are TONS of young people at this church. 

Since this was our first Sunday to visit, we just went to the nine o'clock service and didn't stay for Sunday school afterward.  The older boys were nervous about going into a new place without really knowing anyone, so we decided to let Wednesday night be the first time for that.  Yup, we're planning on going back Wednesday night.  Even Todd.  They've got an amazing men's group and women's group.  I'm going to go into a Bible study with a friend who invited me, and he's going into a study called Heroes.

Sounds interesting, huh?

Tonight, Graham and Drew were invited to a youth meeting at a friend's house.  The youth meet at different houses on Sunday nights, so this is what they'll be doing tonight.  We had been invited to our old church for a night of worship, and while I thought we might go, they want to do this instead.  I figured this would be a good chance for them to meet some other kids.

That's what's up.  We're changing churches.  We gave CFBC a good, fighting chance I feel like, but after almost two years of trying our hardest, we never could find a spot to fit in.  Todd needs a good men's group, and I need a good women's group.  I miss being involved in a really awesome Bible study...whether Beth Moore or another Bible study author.  The kids' need to experience praise and worship again...real, exciting, participation-filled praise and worship.

So we're giving this church a try.  We went to a non-denominational church in Memphis called Highpoint.  We really enjoyed this morning.  The music is amazing, and I told you that at one point, my heart was racing.  I'm not sure if this is where we'll land, but we're not done "trying it out" yet. 

I pray that wherever we land, God will be our guide.  We're not looking for the perfect church~it doesn't exist.  There are preferences that we have, of course, and CFBC wasn't quite what we were looking for.  We are, however, looking for a church that has something for all of us.  Not just the boys, not just me, but for Todd as well.  I know that place exists somewhere. 

Until we find a spot, we'll visit around.  We'll know when we get there if that's where we're supposed to be.  If you're part of a church that you love and that is meeting all the needs of your family, consider yourself blessed.  You have much to be thankful for.  If you're reading this and don't have a church, I would encourage you to find one.  You don't have to be part of a church to get into heaven, but God's design is for us to have fellowship with other believers.  We need people in our lives, folks, and what better people than the ones within the walls of your beloved church? 

Just think about it.  I dare you. 

Love to all. 


Phyllis said...

Very well spoken!!! I love it and know that God is leading you to wherever you need to be to fill the needs of all of you family!!! Bunches of love!!!!

all4boys said...

Thank you, Phyllis! I know He will, too. We knew lots of folks there today...and I got to hug Jenna Lindsey! I've missed her. We also saw Ross and April Spain.

all4boys said...
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Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

Great post Jennifer. I could feel the same way sometimes. I pray a lot for the Lord to show US a home for all of US. We might be where we should be but I feel like we aren't if we are sometimes left still wondering.

all4boys said...

Thank you, Katie! It's a feeling that I don't like, I'll be honest. I get really comfy in the places I am, and I don't enjoy change. Part of this is exciting, getting to experience new churches and such, but part of it's scary. My poor kids...I pray we're not damaging them! I know it's hard on them. We need to go places where they know kids so they won't be nervous.

Be patient, I know God will show you what you need to do for your family. It's never in our timing, but He is always faithful to do just that. :)

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