Wednesday, February 20, 2013



said his favorite thing to do at home is eat.  (I'm sure I just gave it away.)
loves the color blue.
has a favorite Disney/Pixar movie, The Incredibles.
loves music.  His favorite secular singer is Pitbull.  His favorite Christian singer is Toby Mac.
really, really, really wants to see the movie, Act of Valor, but it's rated R.  (Not gonna happen.)
is not shy with complete strangers, but is with people he knows.
said his favorite memory is when he fell in a pond at Mud Island a few summers ago.  (More at the end.)
said his favorite memory might also be the first time he rode a roller coaster.
occasionally still sleeps with a stuffed animal.  (Don't tell him I told you.)
has always had a deep, raspy voice. 
talks super fast.  Like lightning fast.
is DYING to get a Facebook account.  (Not gonna happen until he hits thirteen.)
loves playing video games.
loves watching movies, or shows that we all love, together.
is Drew.

{I love this reminds of why he can someday aspire to his lifelong dream of being a ninja.  Because of his cat-like reflexes.}

{About the Mud Island story: My dad and I were walking with the boys down on Mud Island one hot summer day, when Drew took off ahead of us.  And I kid you not, he was there one minute and gone the next.  He walked across what he thought was grass, but was, instead, a pond covered in lily pads.  The water was disgusting~all green and mossy and slimy, and Drew was completely submerged in it.  My dad and I laughed so hard that we were both crying.  Drew just stood there in all that slime, shaking his head in disbelief.  Best memory ever.}

Hope you enjoyed getting to know my Drew.  I'll do some more of these in the next few days to make it nice and fair.  Love to all.  

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