Thursday, February 28, 2013

day 120, Thursday

Our day started out as what we define as "normal".  For lack of wanting to go into detail, we did our thing for this day of school.  I'm kind of bummed because this is our Spring break week at Renewed Mom's.  I always look forward to going back after I've been away for a while.  (We missed last week because three of us were sick, remember?) 

At around one thirty, we left to go to my mom-in-love's house.  We had made plans a few weeks back, on this night, to go to the Pink Palace museum.  We got to see a sneak preview of their newest IMAX movie, Ice Age Titans.  We walked around the museum for a bit, then ate some refreshments, then saw the movie. 

We had fun, but I wasn't crazy about the movie.  I like more present things, not so much things of long ago.  At least, not things that I have a hard time grasping the idea of.  And let's face it, every time I saw a computer-generated image of a wooly mammoth, I could almost hear Ray Romano's voice as the lead character of the Ice Age movies. 

It was a fun time, though.  Good, quality time spent with the grands is always nice for all of us.  :) 

When I got home, though, the day started going downhill a little for me.  I am so convicted of the time I spend on Facebook.  I was thinking about it the other day, I mean really thinking about the fact that it's stalking the lives of your friends, and I was more than a little disturbed.  And I know that I use it for good, but still...I feel the need to pull away. 

I have decided to just delete the Facebook app from my phone and see if that works.  But if it doesn't work after a few days, and I still find myself getting on often, I will just deactivate it for a while.  I love all the friends I have on there, and I love the people who are memorizing Scripture with me, but I have to take a break. 

It still bothers me so much, in so many different areas, and I know I could just ignore it all, but why?  Why not just deactivate my account?  And who the heck cares?!  It's social media.  Not the end of the world. 

So, those are my struggles.  I go through this every so often.  I'm sure I'll always go through it.  I need to be more selective with my time, though, and Facebook just isn't doing it for me much these days.  There are definitely ups and downs to it, and I see both.  I'm not bashing it, just keepin' it real for myself on here. 

I'm thankful for the fact that I do feel convicted of the way I spend my time and such.  Those times when I feel convicted are blessings from God, because He uses these times for my benefit.  He is so gracious, and so full of mercy and love. 

Love to all. 

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