Tuesday, February 26, 2013

day 118 (Tuesday)

The little weather bug icon on my computer says it's forty two degrees here in The Ville.  Which isn't too terribly cold, but with the wind blowing as strongly as it is...oh my word.  It's freezing! 

If you're thinking about going for a walk...don't!  Wait for warmer weather!  Or at least for a sunshiny cold day, instead of a dreary, windy one. 

We had to run to the library and behind there is a lake that we love.  We decided to take Crash for a walk around the lake, but Noah and I only made it halfway.  Jonah and Drew walked all the way around, but Drew's cheeks may never be the same again.  They're still purple. 

It's a fabulous night to enjoy some yummy, spicy chili.  I'm referring back to my Pioneer Woman cookbook for this recipe.  I can't wait till dinner!

I am thankful for a warm home and a hearty meal to enjoy tonight.  Happy Tuesday! 

Love to all. 

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