Tuesday, February 26, 2013

day 117 (Monday)

Still catching up....maybe in the next few hours I'll post again for today and then all will be well in my weird little mind for a while. 

Last night, Todd worked with the sheriff's department to help a friend get his last shift in for this month.  He's good like that.  The boys and I went to church.  (Side note~for now, we are staying at Collierville First Baptist Church.  They're in the middle of a two week long revival, and God is definitely up to something big within the walls of this church.  Hopefully after the revival is over, what is happening will keep going and will spread to the world OUTSIDE the church.) 

I almost didn't go, because Todd was working and Drew was in a funky mood.  Imagine that...I'm thinking his hormones are off, or something, he's been so stinkin' moody lately!  I'm tempted to give him a Pamprin if he does it again today (For those who may not know, Pamprin is PMS medicine.).  Would that be mean? 

Probably.  I'm kidding, I won't really give him that. 

We went to church.  I was afraid that me thinking about not going was something the enemy was trying to do to me, and I didn't want to deny myself a blessing.  So we went.  It was so good~at the end of the service, we had blank pieces of paper.  Steve Canfield (the speaker) had us write out something that we are fearful about in a letter to God.  When we were done writing, we took it to the post office. 

The altar. 

We knelt at the altar and prayed the letter back to God, then left it on the steps.  And that was the end of the service.  It blessed my heart so much seeing all the people there kneeling.  And all the teenagers participating (except for Drew, who I had a little talk with afterward).  I actually knelt beside Graham and his friends. 

I'm thankful for moments like that...moments when I can feel the breath of God on me.  I can feel that He is pleased in those moments, and it brings tears to my eyes every single time.  I am so grateful for His love.

Love to all. 

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