Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 17 & 18

December 17th, Monday, I was thankful my older boys had their last day of school.  Well, really, it was just Drew.  Graham was sick and had to stay home.  I'm more than ready to have a two week break from waking up early and making lunches. 

On December 18th, yesterday, I was thankful for the perseverance God gave me throughout this year.  I finished reading my 365 day chronological plan of reading the Bible.  I started on December 30th of last year and finished yesterday.  God has blessed me again and again through this year, all as a result of being committed in reading His word.  Sure, I missed some days, and some days I read lots and lots, but I never got more than five days behind.  I couldn't let myself.  I prayed that God would help me to be faithful to Him in this commitment, and only by His strength was I able to keep reading away. 

Here's what I rewarded with when I finished yesterday's reading plan:

I used the Youversion ap on my phone.  I had a daily reminder to read for each day, and when I was doing really well at keeping up, they send you encouraging messages like, "We noticed that you're doing great at staying on track.  Way to go!".  How could I not be encouraged to keep going? 

I also had a support system on Facebook.  A friend of mine created a page for a bunch of us who were doing this together.  God is so good.  So faithful.

I about bawled my eyes out when I read in Revelation yesterday about a rider on a white horse with the name Faithful and True on Him.  He is.  He has been.  He always will be. 

I don't do New Year's Resolutions, but I do a "word of the year" each year, and I try to commit to do something to grow me closer to God for that year.  May I challenge you to do the same?  It's important to take care of ourselves, our bodies, and lots of friends of mine commit to getting healthier in the New Year.  But how much more concerned should we be with our inside?  The condition of our heart? 

So much more so.  We should be growing constantly in our relationship with the Lord.  We should never be content to staying the same.  We are all works in progress, are we not?  And this isn't about committing to being in church, although that's majorly important.  It's about what we do when we're not in church.  How we live.  What we say, what we think, what we read. 

I challenge you~look to your inside appearance for one year.  Just try it and see what God does.

Love to all. 

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