Friday, November 16, 2012


Today was beautiful in The Ville.  The sun was out, the temperature reached sixty and we finished with school work before my dad came over.  I thought I would share some pics.

The boys wanted to tour this train.  Did you know that you can tour Monday through Friday from 9-4?  You can. 

Of course, I had to have them pose for photo ops.  :-)

They were excited because they were able to climb on this high platform by themselves.  Monkeys.

This cord hanging down is from a telephone.  They asked what it was...I cannot believe they've never seen a phone with a cord!

Jonah said if he could sleep in here, he and Andy would sleep in this spot. 

They look so tall in this picture.  Especially Noah. 

And this is what Drew did after school today.  His friend Canon won a limo ride and trip to Ghengis Grill for selling the most coupon books at their school.  Canon and ten friends got to go.  Tonight all the boys are sleeping over at Canon's house. 

How was your day?  Where are all my commenting friends?!?!  I'm feeling like I'm in a black hole again.  Love to all!


Shari said...

Love all the pictures!! Looks like the boys had fun today!! I think your Dad even looks like he was enjoying it too! :)

Phyllis said...

You know I love it!! The boys have seen a phone with a cord because they have 2 that they play with in their room but they are princess phone types and they aren't connected to the wall so I guess it was different. Drew was very blessed that his friend won and he got to get the prize without having to sell all the books since he has competition with a brother in the same school. I know they are having lots of fun!!! Trust me you are never in a black hole. Wiley and I check your blog at least twice a day to see if you have written anything new. Sometimes he comments to me about it but he won't write it. Bunches of love!!!

all4boys said...

Thank you, Shari! They did...when we ate lunch at the Silver Caboose, they sat us near the train that goes around the restaurant, and we all stared in amazement at it the entire meal!

Thank you, Phyllis!! The phone must have been was black and the cord was really long. Love you!

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