Thursday, November 29, 2012

days 28 & 29

Yesterday was the twenty-eighth, and on that day, I am thankful for our beautiful (to me, at least!) home.  So many people in our world, even in our own city, don't have this privilege.  We have lived in our home for nine years now, and I loved it the minute I saw it.  Have I ever told you the story of how we got into it?  We closed on our house one day in November, and the next day, we had scheduled to leave for a week in Gatlinburg. 

I was a nervous wreck about all the moving I had to do with four kids in tow.  We left on our trip, and while we were away, my sisters Lisa and Tricia, my mom, dad and step-dad were busy little bees.  Lisa hired someone to paint some rooms for us and she had the upstairs carpet cleaned.  She also hired movers for the actual day that all our stuff moved.  While we were away, our neighbor called Todd and asked him why there was a moving truck in our driveway if we were out of town.

My family was bummed that he gave up the surprise, but we had really sweet neighbors.  :)  Todd did good with the secret, though, and didn't tell me.  In fact, he did the opposite~he added to my anxiety by pretending he was dreading the move with all the kids.  Keep in mind, at this time, they were four, three and eight months old.  On the day when we came home, the closer we got to Memphis, the longer Todd took.  (My family wasn't done yet!)  I was so ready to just get home...and the babies were simultaneously screaming in their car seats. 

We finally got home to our (old) house, and imagine my shock when we went in and saw that all our furniture was gone!  There was a note with a garage door opener that said, "Come home" or something like that.  So, we loaded the kids back up and drove to our new home.  My sisters and parents had not only moved all of our stuff from the old house to our new house, they had decorated and Lisa had even bought us new living room furniture!  My mom had made curtains and hung them, as well.  Everywhere I looked, there was something new.  It took me months to find all the new things. 

My family is the greatest in the world.  Have I mentioned that?  So, along with my beautiful home, I am still and everyday so thankful for my precious family. 

Today is the twenty-ninth, and today I am thankful for my homeschool mom's group.  We're called Renewed Moms, and boy, do I ever feel renewed when I walk out of that church on Thursdays.  We have fellowship, a little refreshments and sweet time spent in God's word.  I love it and I love all these new friends God has given me through this group.  I am also thankful for how much Jonah and Noah love going to school each Thursday.  This is their favorite day of the week.  :)

Love to all!

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Phyllis said...

Not to mention that the week in Gatlinburg was a little stressful with 11 of us being in a 2 bedroom condo and 3 of the ll were little babies. Graham and Drew kept wondering why we were telling them they we had to stop for them to go the bathroom so many times on the way home since they were riding with us. It was so exciting getting to be in on the secret and seeing your beautiful eyes when we arrived at your new home. I was overly amazed at all they had done for you!!! Yes, they are a great family.

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