Tuesday, November 27, 2012

days 26 and 27

Yesterday was crazy around here.  I thought of my "thankful" list all day but never got the chance to sit down and write.  Aside from the monstrous sized picture post, that is.  ;)

Yesterday was the twenty-sixth and it was cool and rainy.  I decided that day how blessed I am to be able to stay at home.  I have never been a "stay at home wife and mom", at least not unless I had just birthed children.  I always went back to some type of part time work.  And that part time was wonderful!  I loved being out and about, my kids got to attend a mom's day out program because of it, I made new friends~all of it was really nice.  And the money was, too!

But these past few months I've been able to be home have been a HUGE blessing to me.  I love, love, love getting to have "pajama Monday" and cooking to my little heart's content.  I love being a homemaker.  I love the laundry, the cooking, the shopping, the cleaning of the house, all of it.  (As crazy as that may seem!)  Overall, I just love taking care of my family.  And it was amazing to be at home on a dreary, rainy Monday.  Money is tight around here, but we're making it and will continue to do so.  We've found ways to cut back on our expenses, and we've had tons of together time because of it. 

Today is the twenty-seventh, and I am so thankful for music!  I love music, any and every single kind.  Seriously...a day without music would be torture for me.  I have this radio in my kitchen that's installed under my cabinets that I love.  Every time I'm in there it's on.  Do you know how much more pleasant that makes unloading an over-stuffed dishwasher?  Or folding clothes?  Or cleaning the kitchen after a family dinner?  I love it. 

I've listened to nothing but Christian music for the past few years.  As my kids have gotten older, though, their music tastes have changed and they've subjected me to what they love.  With the exception of Justin Beiber, I love their music!  It's fast and upbeat and super catchy.  I love it!  However, when they're not around, I still keep it tuned to KLove or a CD I have in my cabinet. 

So, thanks for reading all these thankful posts.  I have MUCH to be thankful for~we all do, and I never want to take a day for granted. 

Love to all. 

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