Tuesday, November 20, 2012

day 20

Today I am thankful for quiet moments.  With a house full of boys, quiet is never usually going on around me.  In fact, the opposite is going on, but you know what?  I love it.  However, every once in a while, quiet does a body good. 

I usually spend quiet moments reading my Bible.  That seems to be when God most draws me to Him, and speaks to me through His word.  I live for these moments. 

I'm getting some unexpected quiet time this morning.  Today is Dad's day for the eighth grade, so Todd is taking the boys to school since he'll be going with Graham.  And last night, Jonah and Noah decided they wanted to spend the night with their Mimi and Papa.  So, here I am.  I'm going to catch up on my Bible reading, then I'll have to get dressed so I can take Andy the Wonder Dog for his laser treatment at the vet's office. 

I will take any and every quiet moment that comes my way, because these are the moments when I can just be.  The boys are really good about leaving me alone during this time, and I appreciate that fact.  The more I read of God's word, the more He changes me and molds me into who I'm supposed to be.  It's through the reading of His word that I learn how to be a wife and mom. 

For these reasons, I am thankful. 

Love to all. 

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