Monday, November 26, 2012

a few of my favorite things (the first of many Christmas editions 2012)

We always spend the Friday after Thanksgiving decking our halls.  Not necessarily with boughs of holly, but with lots and lots of merry and bright things.  :-) 

I thought I would share some pics. 

Well, he's not part of the decor, but he had to have a nap before we could start.  Someone shopped from midnight Black Friday morning until about nine a.m.  He was pooped. 

My mom gave me this cute snowman.  Hopefully that plate will gain some brightly colored ornaments, but for now, he's pretty cute sitting there empty.

I've never made this recipe, but the boys have decided that we will be baking these this year.  Why not?

Mr. Santa used to light up, but his lights burned out.  I cut the light cord and still hang his jolly old self. 

I adore Christmas books!  Imagine that.  This is one of our favorites.  I have Christmas books lying out all over the downstairs, that way if the kids want to read one or be read to, they just grab one from among the many I have displayed. 

I couldn't resist this picture of Drew.  He's merry and bright, is he not?  Such a ham, this middle child of mine!

Is there any such thing as an ugly Christmas tree?  I think not.  Mine is very traditional, complete with colored lights (our favorite!) and ornaments that are either handmade or handed down from a family member or given to us as gifts.  This one is quite possibly my favorite.  My friend Shea gave me this on my birthday last year as a thank you gift.  Is it not beautiful?  What makes it even more special is that she picked it out knowing I love blue and that I collect crosses.  :-)

Noah was given the job of setting up the nativity.  He spent a good hour doing exactly this.  He couldn't get it just the way he wanted, but finally, he was satisfied.  This will be played with over and over by the boys...I remember my mom letting me play with it when I was this age, and I let them do the same.  I will say that this is THE most important decoration in our house.  And sweet Noah has always loved it the most. 

I love our Christmas tree.  I literally stare at it all day long.  We have it in a new spot this year, too, because of our homeschool supplies.  I need to be able to access those very easily, and where the bookcase sits is where the tree used to go.  But you know what?  I like it better in the new spot.  We can all see it as we sit in the living room together.  :-)

I like it at night, too.  And I love that Andy was fast asleep sitting by the light of the tree.  So peaceful.

My mom got wind of how much Noah was wanting an Elf on the Shelf and bought this for all the boys to enjoy together.  I don't know how much of it the younger boys believe, but they love finding where he lands each night as they sleep.  I named him Ralphie, from The Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out!").  I don't know that I love all that he supposedly does and I don't know how much of that Jonah and Noah believe, but he does definitely add to the magic and enjoyment of our Christmas season. 

I did also promise myself not to go overboard with him.  He is what you make him...and I don't want my boys to get too caught up in the wrong things. 

He hung around all day Sunday. 

Jonah was mesmerized by him this morning and just sat and did this for a long time.  Ralphie loves marshmallows so much that he started nibbling on a couple. 

What are some of your favorite things of Christmas?  Share the love!

Love to all. 


With Love, Jaime said...

Merry Christmas my friend! love to you and your family this awesome holiday season :)

all4boys said...

Thanks, Jaime! Love and Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

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