Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a favorite Christmas tradition

Have I mentioned how much I adore our sweet little town?  I simply love The Ville.  Last night was our annual Christmas tree lighting on the town square.  As big as we do it up here in The Ville, you would think we were on Rockefeller Plaza!  We might not be New York savvy, but I wouldn't trade my hometown for all the money in the world.

We had a simple dinner (hot sandwiches and leftover potato soup) and I made plans to meet up with my best friend so we could stand together and listen to the CHS choir sing.  Before we got to our meeting place, though, I had to stop for our required Christmas picture.

I took another one with lights in the background, but their cheeks and eyes were red.  The flash was turned on on my phone's camera, and we don't get along, that flash and I.  I love this picture, though.  This is in front of the Methodist church's side door.  I like the brick and the wreath, plus it's different from where I usually take it. 

I took this and about ten minutes later, met up with this amazing lady.

I love her so much!  I'm so blessed to have her in my life.  She was my best friend throughout my middle school years, and I was heartbroken when she and her family moved back to her home state of Georgia.  Imagine my delight when she, her hubby and their two sweet kids moved back!  She is the kind of friend that will be there forever.  F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  No matter what happens and where life takes us.  We can communicate with only our eyes, and I know what she's thinking before she utters a word.  Nobody can make me laugh like her, either.  And she sings!  We used to sing together.  Have you noticed I have this thing for friends who sing?  Weird. 

Anyway, we had a blast.  The boys ran into friends from school and ran around to their heart's content.  And at seven o'clock, our beautiful town square lit up like a Christmas tree. 

Speaking of, here's a picture:

I also ran into this sweet lady, Shari.  She is one of my closest friends, and while we haven't known each other very long, it seems like we've been friends forever!  We don't see one another all that often, but she's the kind of gal that it doesn't matter.  We always pick right back up from where we left off.  I thought I was going to squeeze the daylights out of her when I hugged her!

Her dad took this picture of us.  :) 

It was a magical night.  In other news, Ralphie the Elf has been enjoying himself. 

He loves marshmallows!

We're still enjoying our Christmas tree...even the dogs.  Today I snapped this of Crash.

So peaceful!

And yesterday, thanks to another sweet friend who gave me a Target gift card, I bought this for myself:

This music makes me so incredibly happy!  I love this show, and the new season is the best in my opinion!  Their voices are amazing and I love all the new characters. 

How's your week going so far?  Share the love!

Love to all!


Shari said...

I think we about squeezed the daylights out of each other! I was soooo happy to see you!!! It was a fun night, wasn't it? LOVE the photos you are posting on the blog! So great to see all that's happening with you and your sweet family. Love you bunches! Let's plan a get together SOON!!!

all4boys said...

I know! I'm glad it wasn't just me! I think I sometimes intimidate people with my hugs! I'm glad you don't seem to mind. :) It was SO fun! And YES. I need to plan an "on your own" day for Jonah and Noah so we can do just that! Love you bunches, too!

Christa said...

Your posts warm my heart. I love reading up on what y'all are up to for Christmas and seeing your wonderful pictures. I love you friend. I can't wait to see you when we are in Memphis for Christmas!

all4boys said...

Thanks, Christa!! You know I love writing and snapping pics of all we's how I record our memories. :) I cannot WAIT to see your beautiful self!!! And squeeze on you and love you and hug you and cuddle! MUAH!

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