Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Stuff

Good morning!  I'm writing from the (not so) comfort of my very chilly living room!  BRRRRR!  We had the repairman here last night to fix our furnace, but he didn't have the part.  He'll be back sometime today, and for that, I am thankful.  It's thirty-three degrees outside as I write this, and inside is sixty. 

On a positive note, we've been doing this at night:

Last night, we even got really creative and had indoor s'mores.  I was going to post a pic, but the laptop isn't cooperating this morning.  It started cooling off in here yesterday around four thirty, so Graham went ahead and got a fire going in the fireplace for us.  I was thankful he knew what he was doing and didn't burn our house down.  I do love a fire, heat or no heat.   

Other happenings:

Graham and Drew get to "skip" school today!  They were invited to a leadership conference at Germantown Performing Arts Center, as grade representatives through FCA.  Graham went last year as a grade representative, and this year they both get to go.  They were so excited leaving the house this morning.  The conference is from 8-12, with lunch following.  My sweet friend's husband volunteered to drive my two, their son Cameron and a friend from their neighborhood, and I am picking them all up.  Cameron's coming over to hang out afterward today, then Drew and I will leave to go get his friend Will from school. 

Do you remember loving Halloween as a kid?  I do!  Needless to say, mine are all crazy excited about tomorrow.  We'll be going to our church's Fall fest, where Graham and Drew will be performing in a puppet show, then we'll come home and let the kids go down a couple streets.  I'm not even sure what Drew is dressing up as, but Graham is not dressing up at all, Jonah is going as a Steeler's football player and Noah is going as an alien.  Should be fun!  I think Todd and I are going to bring out the fire pit. 

What a fun week in our household.  Excitement mounts a little each day, if that is at all possible.  The kids are all busy this week with school stuff and church stuff, then there's our everyday life.  It's a little bit of a crazy busy time right now, but I do love it.  I chose a long time ago to just embrace it all and enjoy the moments that God has given me.  We never know how many we'll have, and I am determined not to take anything for granted.  Someday I will miss being mom, chef, launderer, chauffeur, and head of domestic relations.  I love being a wife and a mom, and I am so thankful that I get to stay home and do this every single day.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

How did your week start off?  Considering a rough weekend, I was glad that ours got off to a great start.  *Will you join me in praying for everyone affected by this super storm, Sandy?  I read this morning that the storm was eight hundred miles wide, and people in Cincinnatti, Ohio are feeling the repercussion.  

Love to all. 


Phyllis said...

I love your life too and am so thankful to have such a wonderful family to love!!!! I am praying for the people in Sandy and am asking prayers for Kim, Tracy's sister. She is having surgery for her cancer either today or tomorrow.

all4boys said...

Thanks! I am praying for her and have been for a while. Oh, and thanks for the Halloween cards. Our mailman had to come ask me if those were our kids, because you put the wrong address. Whoops! ;-) See you soon, hopefully. Love you!

Shari said...

So sorry about your heat! That stinks! I am glad that you have a fireplace to help warm you up!

Kendall is the only one interested in Halloween around here. She is being a clown. I can't wait to see her all dressed up! :) We have a church event tonight, and then trick-or-treating tomorrow night. Fun!

Trying to rest up and get rid of this cold before I take the girls to the Bieber concert Thursday night. I can only imagine what that is going to be like!!! ;-)

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