Tuesday, October 16, 2012

just another update

Hello, bloggy world!  I've been gone a few days.  Almost a week, in fact, and usually the only time I'm gone is when I have writer's block.  This time, though, it's just because I've been busy.

We camped last week, but I'll write more about that later. 

For the second night in a row, I was awoken by a child throwing up.  :(  Do you know how sad this makes me?  I feel so bad for them as they cry and tell me how much their stomach hurts.  Jonah was hit with his yesterday morning around four a.m.  Noah was hit with it this morning around one.  I don't know about you, but when my kiddos are sick with a virus like this, I let them make a pallet on my bedroom floor.  That way if they get up, I can hear them.

At least this seems to be fast-catching.  Hopefully if we're all going to get it, we'll get it quickly so we can be done. 

I've been playing catch up on all the blogs I love.  One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney from Women Living Well, wrote about a Christmas planner that she made.  The idea is not hers, but from a book called Untangling Christmas.  You can click on both the links to get to the websites I'm referring to.  After going to the Untangling Christmas website, I decided to buy and download the eBook to my Kindle reader.  It was only $5.99, so hopefully my husband won't mind.  (He does not love when I buy lots of books, but it's been ages since I've bought one.  I've been borrowing them from my Happy Place.)  I am SO making one of these planners!  On today's blog post from Courtney, you can watch her video that tells about it.  I love organization!

I have a small mountain of laundry.  Today I will be washing the sheets from Jonah's and Noah's beds.  I can't ever seem to stay caught up on my laundry.  Do you have this problem?

We are not having school again today due to sickness.  Hopefully tomorrow will be super productive.  ://

I am on this reading kick right now.  I can't seem to get enough of books.  Today I was inspired to start reading a book on marriage.  I do not love non-fiction books, but I think it's a good to read at least one a year.  When you're like me and love to read, it would be nice to actually learn something from one of the many books I go through. 

The best book I'm reading is the Bible.  I'm going through a chronological reading plan, and I love love love reading through all the gospels.  I'm going back and forth through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Yesterday's reading was so good.  I pray that through reading His word, I grow closer to Him. 

I suppose I need to go start doing something.  I think I'll start with my daily Bible reading, and from there, who knows?  Happy Tuesday my friends.  Love to all!

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