Thursday, August 9, 2012

our first full day

I thought I would update you on how our first full day is going and what all we've been up to today.  We got a little bit of a late start.  I woke them up at 8:30 and they got dressed and we all had breakfast.  I had every intention of starting at nine, but that didn't happen.  It was closer to 9:30 by the time I figured out what I had to do. 

And after a mini-meltdown on Jonah's part.  I have found out that Jonah does not like to read...especially if it's a long segment.  I told him that he had to get past that, that I was here to help, but that he really had to do it on his own.  I think he's trying to see what all I will do for him...which, so far, has been not much.  I'm sure I'm not nearly as sympathetic as he'd like me to be.

Anyway, we got started and stopped at 11:30 for lunch.  I also sent them outside for a little recess. 

They didn't get much of a break, though, because they had to be logged in to their "classroom" at noon for a writing prompt meeting.  They are currently working on this as I type this.  I'm sitting in the same room with them, here but not here.  They are working towards their writing assessment test for their fifth grade year.  They're doing it early on so the teacher will have some idea as to what they need to improve on.

I think that's pretty cool.  I like that they're already working towards something.

After this prompt we will get our instructions on what we are to do with them and we will go on with our day.  They are supposed to log in 6.5 hours of attendance every single day, and after this is over, we'll be at about three and a half.

They don't have to finish everything in a certain time frame.  If they don't finish the day's work, they can work on it tonight or on the weekend.  They have to have a certain amount of hours each week, and this gives them the freedom to work on weekends if they need to. far we're having a good day.  Jonah and I might butt heads a little, but we'll get past it.  He always thinks he's right for some reason.  I can't imagine where he gets that from.  ;-)

I hope you're having a great day!  Love to all.  


Shari said...

I am glad that things are going well so far. There will definitely be adjustments for all of you but I know you will be a GREAT teacher for them! :) I can't wait to hear more about the program you are using as you progress with it.

all4boys said...

Thank you! I am sure that each day will get a little easier. Today has been easier for us...I feel like we know a little more now. So far, I'm liking what I've seen. I'll know more as time goes on. There's lots of accountability, but a lot of it is done on the honor system, too. I'm keeping track of things on my own, case I'm ever questioned.

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