Monday, August 13, 2012

lessons I'm learning

A friend of mine told me that through the educating of her own children, God has taught her many things.  I appreciate that sweet lady taking the time from her busy life of being mom to 5 gorgeous kids to encourage me on our journey.

That being said, there is some truth to what she said!

I'm not at all a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" kind of girl.  I need structure, and preferably, a schedule.  When those things fly out the window, I really don't much care for it.

I had some really good time talking to the Lord today, though.  Both this morning as I took Graham and Drew to school, and afterward, when my day started to go down.  It wasn't coincidental that I prayed for God to make me flexible today.  I prayed, specifically, for God to help me remain calm when things don't go as planned.  (This comes after a really rough night and morning last week.)

God might have given today to me as a gift to remind me of what I prayed. 

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.  How we handle those moments is up to us.  We can freak out and be upset, which I was tempted to do today, or I could decide to go with the flow.

I chose the latter. 

Not that I will always choose to act that way, but I promise you, I will always remember today.  I know this isn't life-changing for most of you, and most of you already know this, but I was thankful for the lesson God showed me. 

Love to all. 

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