Monday, August 20, 2012


Do you deal with bad ones in your home? 

I do. 

And can I tell you that I am officially over them?  I don't really know why Graham and Drew come home and get their panties in a wad almost the minute we set foot inside our house.  And yes, I do realize their age, but that is not going to be our "normal". 

I can tell you that it's all about to change. 

They're very jealous of their little brothers.  And that makes absolutely no sense to me, since I gave them the option of homeschooling.  They chose to stay enrolled in their public school.  So this choice is just that...their choice.  Today, when they got home and made snide comments to their younger brothers about how much "school" they really did, something in me snapped. 

I maintained my composure, but I very firmly let them know that this was the absolute last time I was going to have the following conversation with them (probably this week).  Then I reminded them even though they each paid for their own iPods, I still had the power to take them away.  That applies to their cell phones, too. 

I am over the bad attitudes.  Especially when nobody has done anything to warrant being on the receiving end of them. 

How do you handle this in your home? 

I am praying that they remember my words from this afternoon, otherwise they're going to have a very long week ahead of them. 

And can I also tell you that nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than their bad attitudes? 

Well, it's true. 

I'm such a mean mom. 

I guess they'd better learn not to bring out that side of my personality.

On a positive note, today was an awesome day for Jonah, Noah and me.  Woohoo!  We actually finished for the day!

Enjoy your night~here's hoping for an attitude~free night!

Love to all. 

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Shari said...

We have a constant battle with bad attitudes around here. Sadly, once one gets one it seems to be contagious!!

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