Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a little blog reading

Lately, all around me, I am seeing this theme: MARRIAGE.  Literally, all around me.  Even the blogs I love to read are talking about this topic.  With September right upon us, would you believe that this month (in the bloggy world, at least) is "Revive Your Marriage" month?

What'd I tell you?

Is God trying to tell me something?

I'm enjoying our pastor talking about this in church as well.  I was so disappointed on Sunday to find out he wasn't there, but the message from our associate pastor was awesome.  I took lots and lots of notes in my journal, as I have on the Sunday's Brother Chuck has talked about marriage, and someday soon, I plan on sharing those on here.

Until then, I thought I would give you some links to some really great blogs that I read almost daily.  The topic they're about is... you guessed it: marriage



This second one is kind of lengthy, but you can skim over it and get the general idea of what the writer is trying to drive home. 

Do you have blogs that you love?  Share them with me!  I'm always looking for new ones.  Happy reading and love to all!

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