Sunday, July 1, 2012

I got home from my beach vacation tonight.  It was an amazing week!  I am so thankful my sister Lisa invited us along for her 50th birthday beach bash.  We even got matching t-shirts and light up glasses. 

She is the bomb. 

Our view was amazing! 


This was our balcony...the same one that I watched from as dolphins flipped and jumped out of the water.  Ahmaazing!

Beautiful, huh?

This was Wednesday morning...our first taste of the ocean. 

Not that I love being out on a boat on the ocean...but this just makes me want to do that!  I don't even know how I got this picture...the sun was so bright I could hardly see. 

This was an awesome pier near where we had our beach pictures made. 

Cool, huh?

We did get out a little on Friday for some shopping (all the other days we stayed at the beach)...

Debi and I had a little too much fun in the Bass Pro Shop.  I totally did this for my kids...because I look horrid.

We ate at AJ's our last night.  

I love this place...very cool local hang out.  :-)

And even though so much fun was had and lots of memories were made (more on that in another post), I was ready to say good-bye to this:

So that I could say hello to my boys.  All five of them.  :-)

How was your week?  You can see how mine was. 

Love to all!


Phyllis said...

I am glad you are home!! I missed you!!!

all4boys said...

Thank you! I am glad to be home...except for the monstrous amounts of laundry waiting on me! I am doing that all day...and grocery shopping...and cooking dinner! The beach is a fond memory. ;-)

Shari said...

LOVE all these pictures! Looks like you ladies have a terrific time!!! Now I want to load up the car and head to the beach!!!

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