Thursday, July 12, 2012

God is good...

(...all the time!  All the time, God is good!)

I always say those words back whenever I read the phrase, "God is good".  He is, though, right?

Even in death...He is good to quickly take those home who might be suffering.  (Trey Erwin and my Uncle Wayne, who died on the same day last week and whose funerals were at the exact same time on Saturday, but in very different locations.)

Even when Todd's Grandma Rena suddenly passes away Monday night/early Tuesday morning...He is so good to have never let her suffer with a physical illness (though she had Alzheimer's disease, nothing else was physically wrong). 

Even when our air goes out.  For the second week in a row.  (Last week it was the upstairs unit, this week it's the downstairs unit.)  Thank the good Lord that we have Total Protect...a large appliance insurance.  And thank the good Lord that as I type this it's only 74 degrees outside!  Just last week it was in the lower one-hundred's. 

He is so good and faithful to watch over our affairs.  Every little detail, He knows and He takes care of. 

I refuse to let our circumstances get me down...instead, I choose to focus on the blessings God turns them into.

How do you look at life?

Love to all. 

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