Thursday, June 14, 2012

vacation edition

I think the last time I posted was the night we went to Lambert's...Sunday night.  Today is Thursday, and we've done lots since then!  On Monday it rained, so that changed our plans.  We ended up going to Silver Dollar City later that afternoon. 

Poor Noah...his little eyes are so sensitive, and I did not realize the sun was shining right into them.  I wish I had realized that...I would have taken this again.  But you get the drift. 

Going into the park, Drew was saying that he was not going to ride any of the roller coasters.  He is just like I was when I was younger, and he was saying that he was scared. 

Then I made him go on this:

Seriously...I made him go on that ride and he was almost in tears.  But when he came out, he was laughing his little head off.  He decided later to give a roller coaster a try.  He rode one called Powder Keg (that I wouldn't ride), and from that point on, Drew is now an adrenaline junkie.  He was even riding the upside down ones. 

Tuesday we spent the day at White Water.  The boys have never been to a water park.

The first slide they got on was seven stories high...and all of them climbed to the top, laid down, and slid down.  No hesitation, no questions asked.  I was shocked.  We're actually going back here tomorrow, so I'll try to get pics of them coming down.  I have one of Todd, but I don't think he would appreciate me posting it on here. 

Tuesday night we went to Sight and Sound Theater to see the play Joseph.  It was ahhhmaaazing.  All the boys were on the edge of their seats the entire length of the play.  It lasted from about 7:30 to 10:00.  They used live animals all throughout this play...horses, camels, donkeys, lambs, goats, a sphinx was amazing.  If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of their plays, do it!  There are only two theaters they have...this one in Branson, and one in Pennsylvania.  The next show they're putting on will be Jonah.  I can't wait to see that one.

Wednesday took us back to Silver Dollar City.  For more rides, and this time, some shows.  The favorite was this:

The saloon show!  Check out those smiles...they were all in Heaven, watching the pretty girls dance around them and throw their skirts up in the air.  And yes, they were wearing little shorts under their dresses.  It was all in good, clean fun...we were in a Christian establishment. 

I love this one, too:

He made me post this one on Instagram.  :-)

We did a little more of this:

We saw one more show...the Gazillion Bubble Show...and called it a day.  We were exhausted come six thirty.  My sweet hubby bought his parents a gift, and he bought me one, too!  I now have a new cross to add to my collection, but this one stands.  I love it.  It's my favorite colors, and it says, "You are blessed".

I am.

He also stopped and bought each of the boys a string puppet...they were planning on spending their own money to buy one, but he wouldn't let them.  We always let them pick out something when we go on trips together.

We headed home to eat, then we did this:

It was family movie night at the pool.  We let the kids play in the water and we watched Journey to the Mysterious Island.  It was pretty good, but don't ask me what the end was about.  We couldn't hear at that point.

Today we're going out on the water.  We have a boat waiting on us for the whole day.  I can't wait!  I hope the water is relatively warm.  I'll post one more time (maybe) before heading home on Saturday.

Hope you're all having a great week...we have enjoyed our time away so much.  It's such a blessing to be able to get away together, as a family.  We are blessed.

Love to all!

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