Tuesday, June 5, 2012

strange morning

Just as I went to bed last night (well, about ten minutes after I had gone upstairs)  Todd came up behind me.  I thought it was a little weird, because he never goes to bed as early as I do.  Not that I went up early last night...it was around eleven.  But anyway, when he came in, I asked him with surprise in my voice, "You're coming to bed?"  He wasn't...he had just gotten called out to go help with search and rescue with the sheriff's department. 

My heart always sinks a little when I hear those words...it usually means that some family is about to receive horrible news.  There were some (one?) boaters who disappeared somewhere along the Loosahatchie.  They searched for four hours before finally finding their boat...but with nobody in it.  Todd has some work to do today (his real job), then he plans on going back out and searching some more.  So just as I was waking up at eight o'clock, he was coming up the stairs.


It's 8:42, and I keep on feeling like I need to be doing something.  Like laundry.  Did I mention that my washer went kaput?  We have a repairman coming out in the morning to try and repair it, or they might just end up replacing it.  Who knows...but it is so strange to have so much laundry to do and being unable to do it.  I keep on thinking I need to go start a new load, and then I remember that I can't.

That being said, we're going to my mother-in-love's house today.  The boys are itching to swim in a pool (it was a little cool to swim yesterday) and I need to utilize her washing machine!  Hopefully I'll get caught up while I'm there.

The boys are still asleep.  Usually I hear some movement by this time of morning, but I've heard none this morning.  (Jonah is awake now, though.  He's fascinated by the story of Todd helping with search and rescue last night and later today.)  

I'm watching the Today show, and Meredith Vierra (sp?) is guest hosting with Matt Lauer today.  I loved when she was the host on this show and cried on her last episode.  I know...I'm a sucker.  Does anyone know why they're in London covering the Queen?  They said something about a diamond jubilee?  I have no idea what that is.

Well, Jonah keeps trying to tell me something, so I'm going to stop writing and pay attention to what he's saying.  Love to all!

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