Saturday, June 9, 2012

random things you might see or hear while you're at my house

All the boys working hard to pull their share of work around the house.  At one point today, in my back yard, Jonah and Noah were cleaning up after the dogs and picking up toys, Graham was edging along the fence and under the playground, and Drew was cutting the back yard.  How I wish I had  gotten a picture.

Lots of singing.  Lots.  Graham, Drew and I are always singing something.  And speaking of Drew, that kid has an endless amount of knowledge floating around in his brain about music.  He can tell you almost any song and who sings it.  Graham sings, too, but more than that, he taps out the drum beat on any and every surface in my home.  Sometimes (lots of times), it drives me bonkers!!!

Joking.  We all mess around with each other almost nonstop.

Books lying around everywhere.  I always have at least one near me...sometimes more than one.  This includes my Bible...I admit that sometimes I leave it out after I read it so the kids can see.  I hope that seeing mine might make them want to read theirs more.  Especially because I also leave out the highlighters and colored pencils to mark it all up. 

Music.  Any time I'm not sitting down, I have my kitchen radio turned on.  Music is a vital part of my day, each and every single day.  I cannot imagine my life without it.

Shoes.  We all have this aversion to putting our shoes away.  They all kind of get jumbled up in the kitchen.  It used to irritate me, but I've learned to let it go.  Someday I'll miss those piles of shoes...ranging in sizes, all over my floor for me to trip over.  ;-)

Crayons and construction paper on the desks in my living room.  Drew, Jonah and Noah love to create things.  I keep loads of art stuff around just for that purpose.  It's also part of what we give them each year for Christmas or their birthdays.  I love their creativity...and it often overflows onto my refrigerator.  Sometimes I wish my refrigerator was nicer and newer, but then I think I would miss all the art work and pictures all over the front of mine.  I know it might not be "chic" to do that nowadays, but who the heck cares?  Not this mama.

Hairy floors.  I have dogs.  And cats.  And someday my floors will not be hairy, but for now, they are.  Even after vacuuming every two days.  Seriously, folks...the floors are wood and I vacuum every square inch of the downstairs every two days.  Ask my kids.  I mop once a week.  (If I'm lucky.)

What are the things about your home that you love?  Share the love and let me know you're still out there...sometimes I wonder who I'm writing to.

And all these things I've listed are what makes my house our home.  I am not always so nice about the hair and the messes everywhere, but I really do try to be.  Someday when my kids are gone, my house will be perfect.  Until then, I plan on embracing the mess.

Love to all.  

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