Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

So many things make me happy today:

First, I ran across some really great Bible verses this morning in my quiet time.  I was really, really, really irritated by someone last night who said something really rude.  The same thing could have been said without the rudeness.  The Bible verses (from Proverbs) helped me see past some stuff this morning.  God is ever faithful to show Himself to me. 

Second, my washing machine is now working again!  Eureka!  I never thought washing clothes would make me so happy.  I also promise to never take a working washing machine for granted again.  With so many of us, even one day of not doing laundry can mess me up for days.

Thirdly, I now have diet coke in my house again.  :-)  It's been two days since we've had any in the fridge and I was getting to be almost desperate. 

Fourthly (is that a word?), my sweet friend (and neighbor) Katie invited us to swim later this afternoon.  I didn't swim because the water is a chilly 76 degrees, but the kids did.  The lowest temp I can swim in is eighty. 

Lastly, I am getting my hair cut tonight!  I cannot wait.  It's driving me absolutely insane...the longer it gets the curlier it gets.  The whole underside of my hair is nothing but ringlets, and it makes it look really short.  If it looks short, it might as well be short.  Not that I'm going to get it cut super short, but definitely shorter than it is now.  I might upload a pic or two later.  Or I might not. 

Well, I have to change and get ready to drop off Graham and Drew for a swim party.  Love to all!

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