Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Info

Don't you love my blog titles nowadays?  I have the hardest time thinking of titles.  I wouldn't worry about even having one if not for my mom-in-love and husband.  Actually, scratch that.  I don't think my hubby reads the blog anymore.  Anyway.

I thought I would share some new blogs that I have recently come across.  Facebook is so good for finding blogs!  The first one is To Love, Honor and Vacuum and can be found at  This is the one about the article I shared about Fifty Shades of Grey.  Check her out...good stuff for married women!

Another one is Time-Warp Wife, and you can find her at  I found her through a friend on Facebook.  I "share" her pictures a lot. 

I love this lady, who wrote the book Grace For the Good Girl, which I have yet to read.  Her blog is called chatting at the sky and can be found at

Lastly is one I just found today, called God's Amazing Blessings.  She can be found at

Are you seeing a theme?  These are all Godly women, wives, and mom's.  It is so important to have some encouragement along our way, and who better to encourage than other women going through the same journey in life?  I think we are meant to encourage and uplift one another...don't you?

Are there any blogs out there that you love?  Why? 

Love to all.


Cross Moms said...

One of my absolute favorite blogs to read is Amy's voice is so refreshing and her heartfelt honesty is too! :)
Love and God Bless!
Christy @ Cross Moms

all4boys said...

Thanks for the recommendation...I'm going to go to her blog now!

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