Monday, June 4, 2012

the man I love

I love my husband.  He is a really hard-working man that provides for us at home.  He is the one who encouraged me to quit my job so I could stay home with Jonah and Noah to homeschool them.  Even when I am doubtful, he is the strong one.  I appreciate that about him.  I love how he always reassures me during those times. 

He works during the daytime and several times a month at night, he volunteers for the Shelby County Sheriff's department.  He started doing this five years ago, after volunteering for about five years with the Piperton Fire department.  I like him working with the sheriff's department so much better.  All the city officials are always so thankful for their help during times of need.  Todd has been on many call-outs (when someone has disappeared, they always call the sheriff's department for extra hands), and he's spent many nights away from home after bad weather. 

Like last night.  We were sitting here watching tv, and the chief of the sheriff's department texted him, asking if he could come help cut down trees.  Apparently some parts of our city were hit pretty badly by thunderstorms last night, and many trees were blown down, cutting off roads.  I always tells Todd that when the chief asks him personally to do something, that he should always say "yes".  And he has, for the most part, unless it interfered with work.  The more times he says "yes" to her, the more she trusts him. 

He's the one she prefers to have drive special vehicles to events.  She trusts him a lot more than some of the other people that volunteer.  She also calls him to ask him to be OIC (officer in charge) on the nights when he rides around the city.  On those nights, he basically paroles whatever area he's been assigned.  For instance, when someone is in medical distress, they might need extra assistance from the sheriff's department.  Todd is in ES, which stands for emergency services.  He is a first-responder, so many times he will beat the ambulance to a call.  His job is to assess as much as possible, and do whatever necessary to stabilize the person until the paramedics come. 

He enjoys doing all this.  A benefit of volunteering for the sheriff's department is the insurance they offer.  They pay for the majority of our family insurance each month.  Really, really good insurance.  But really, that is just a benefit.  I'm so glad he has something like this that he loves doing so much.  He loves this the way I love reading.  It's just a part of him...and I'm thankful that the boys have such a great Dad to look up to. 

I couldn't be more proud of him.  I took this picture last summer when he was on his way out to ride one night...I think he was talking to the chief on the phone at the same moment:

Love to all.

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