Friday, May 18, 2012

What Makes Me Happy

New journals.  I bought one this morning at Target since I'm almost out of pages in the one Drew bought me for Christmas.  :-)  I love writing and journaling, and I've gotten back into it since Christmas.  Lots of pages are just Scripture that jumped out at me.  I want my hubby and kids to have them, should anything ever happen to me.

Being able to breathe out of my nose again.  Thank you to the person who invented Vicks nose spray.

Doggy treats.  They're Crash's (and my!!!) best friend.  They make him come inside from the yard and I've trained him to go into his kennel by throwing one into his kennel, and saying, "Kennel".  I know...I'm awesome.  ;-)

My OPI Spiderman collection of nailpolish.  I'm wearing Into The Night...a fun, periwinkle-royal blue color.  Love!

Target.  Enough said.

Conversations with the ones I love...whether it be by actual phone call or text.  :-) 

That's all I have time for...gotta run! 

Love to all.

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