Saturday, May 26, 2012


It has been an amazing weekend so far...and it's not even over.  Last night, some of my family from Texas drove in for a weekend visit.  We got to meet them for dinner at our favorite catfish restaurant.  It's all the way out in Slayden, Mississippi, but man, is it worth the drive.  It's an old gas station, that is now a very rustic restaurant.  We had a party of 16 (yes, we have a large family!), so we were given the side room...complete with an amazing waitress who was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.  Her name is Rebecca.  I love meeting people like her...I just wish my nephews would marry someone just like that.  Insert dreamy sigh here.

After our delicious dinner, we stood outside and chatted with one another for a long time.  The boys took it upon themselves to try and get the eighteen wheelers to honk as they sped by.  Some didn't.  But some did.  Drew amused himself with throwing rocks at Tricia and me.  He wasn't really aiming at us...he was trying to get as close to us as he could without actually hitting us.  Yes, we had to jump a few times.  All the while, he cackled like a madman. 

See?  He's all aimed and ready.  (Isn't this a cool picture?  I love the contrasting colors...the only thing I did was enhance it a little by using Instagram.  Have I told you that I adore Instagram???  It's a photography lover's dream!) 

It doesn't take much to amuse my children. 

We went to Mom's and Bill's afterward for a little more visiting time.  Jonah and Noah decided they wanted to spend the night with them so they could help Big Daddy spread some mulch around. least Jonah did.  Noah was just along for the ride.  They were back home by 9:20 this morning.  They woke up at the crack of dawn to eat and get to work, then Auntie Trish brought them home. 

She's so great.

Graham went to my Dad's to help him cut his grass again today.  And didn't come back home until almost 4:00!  It was a long day for him, but he spent the last part of it searching for the knife he dropped somewhere on the several acres Daddy has in front of his house.  Luckily, he found it. 

While he was gone, Todd and Drew fixed our basketball goal.  It was the kind that had a base, but it doesn't anymore.  Todd cut it off, bought a steel pipe, poured concrete around the steel pipe, then placed the goal back into the pipe.  It looks very professional...and like it's always been that way.  I have a super handy man for a husband.  I love how he is a jack of all trades. 

Jonah, Noah and I swam.  Well, they swam, and I did this.

Except that I was in my swimsuit and coverup, so I could at least get a little sunshine.  :) 

They had fun making their first jumps of the season into the pool.

They were pretty great at posing for me. 

It was a magical day.  We were back and forth several times from our house to our neighbor's pool (they're out of town and gave us permission).  In between pool times, we watched marathon episodes of Survivorman.  I made breakfast for dinner...then we went back to the pool, and ended at home, eating dessert and watching...

You guessed it.


It's the new favorite, what can I say? 

How was your day? 

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Love to all.

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