Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

It's almost eight thirty as I write this, so you have plenty of time to get up and get moving...if you want to.  Each Memorial day we have a tradition that we participate in with my dad and Sandy. We go to the Veteran's cemetery on Forrest Hill, off of 385.  It's a Memorial day ceremony, in honor of all our fallen heroes.

This morning's ceremony starts at eleven.  We plan on leaving my house at ten.  We usually take lawn chairs, blankets for the boys to sit on and drinks and snacks.  I don't remember how long it lasts, but it's not that long.

It's important to teach our kids that today is not just another day off from work or school.  We always try to really honor whatever holiday we might be celebrating, whether it be Memorial day, Veteran's day, or another one.  I've said before that our blood doesn't just run runs red, white and blue. 

How are you celebrating this day?  Even if you don't come to this event I've told you about, I encourage you to take some time to pray for our soldiers who are still deployed, the families who have lost loved ones and our country and her leaders.  My pastor made a really profound statement from the pulpit yesterday, and it kind of struck home.  He said, "God, I pray that the pressures of that Oval Office be so great that it drives our President to his knees." 

I do too. 

It's funny how I complain about how horrible all our politicians are, but I don't really take the time to pray for them the way I should.  I do pray for them when I remember, but it's not often. 

So today, I will be praying for all those things I mentioned as well. 

I will also not only thank a soldier, but I will tell him or her that I'm praying for them as well.

I'll probably post pictures later.  Love to all. 

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