Tuesday, May 1, 2012

just a little somethin'

Today was an unexpected kind of day.  It was a normal day, in the sense that I took the kids to school, came home and did my usual routine, then went to work.  It was just unexpected in all the in-between times. 

I was thankful that I'd had time to come back home and get caught up on reading the Bible.  I'm on day 125 of my Chronological Bible reading plan.  (!!!)  I was thankful for the time I had in prayer right before work...and in particular, I was thankful that I prayed that God would clothe me in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  (Colossians 3:12)

He did.  All glory to Him. 

It's good to be prepared for the unexpected...because you just never know what life might throw at you.  And in the midst of it all, smile...and thank God that you have Him to lean on to get you through whatever you face. 

Those little words sum up everything I would like to say.  :-)

Moving on, now...

I haven't seen my sister Lisa in forever.  She had the chance to go to Colorado a couple weeks ago, and she jumped on it.  I think it was Easter the last time I saw her.  We normally go to my Mom's on Saturday nights for dinner, but due to a late lacrosse game this past weekend, we didn't make it out there.  Lisa, however, did.  And look what she found!

Is that not the most precious thing?  She sent me this in a text.  I love it...and this tells you how far apart we are in age.  I remember idolizing her, and being her little tag-along.  She used to take pictures of me, and I am positive that she was the one who taught me how to make my hair big (as if I needed it to be any bigger) by bending over, shaking it, then throwing it back.  She taught me how to pose for all of her pics...and by age four or five, I think she'd talked my mom into letting me model.  I'm kidding...I don't know if she talked Mom into it or not, but I did model.  I thought I was hot stuff.  This was before all that, though.  I also remember crying my eyes out every time she ever left me...either for college or for Harrison, Arkansas, in the early years of her marriage. 

Sweet, huh? 

We're overdue for a get-together.  It might not happen until Mother's day, but I would like for it to happen soon. 

So, another update is our dog, Crash.  He got really sick over the weekend and was throwing up all the time.  We were all prepared to take him into the vet on Monday, but of course, by then he was feeling better.  I'm not complaining...trust me, I am glad the dog feels better.  I do not handle sick animals well.  Sick children, yes, because they are human.  Sick animals...not so much.  Well, unless it's Andy the Wonder Dog.  I would feel sorry for him, I think. 

It's apparent by now that Crash belongs to Todd.  He is different when he's home, and much more obedient.  When it's just me and the boys...um, not so much.

I also understand that dog is truly man's best friend. 

They "get" each other in a way that cannot be matched.  I don't understand it, but this could very well be Todd and Crash. 

Or, I could just show you this. 

Pitiful, isn't it?

He is spoiled rotten.  R.O.T.T.E.N.  Crash, not the man.  Although...

Well.  My dog is whimpering to be let out so he can go chase a squirrel.  Or eat an acorn.  Or torture a bird. 

And my nails need to be painted.  Love to all. 

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