Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Monday To Me!

I feel so much better...both in the sinus issues I've been having, and about the meeting I had today with my principal.  She took it way better than I expected...and was very encouraging and gracious.  She even told me she thought I'd be great at the homeschool thing, just with what she's seen by being around me all these years.  I'm so relieved that it's behind me now.

It is such a short week!  I have tomorrow and Wednesday, then I. A.M. D.O.N.E.!!!  I'm not excited or anything.

I have all these great aspirations for when school lets out...I want to declutter and organize my house again.  Starting in the tornado closet.  Which just so happens to look like a tornado blew through it.  Oh, the irony.

In all honesty, what I'll probably do that day is sleep late, take a long (very unusual) shower, get dressed...and hang out with my Daddy.  Sounds better, doesn't it?

My husband is amazing.  Have I told you that?  I love him.  He took care of all the paperwork to finish enrolling Jonah and Noah in their new homeschool program.  I have to do a few more things, like obtain some records, but other than that, he did all the gruntwork.  What a guy.  Even if was ten o'clock at night, and we were still sitting in the floor shredding papers. 

I hope my poor brain remembers to get all the stuff I need to get...both for Jonah and Noah, and also for Graham and Drew, so the three of us can apply for new social security cards.  I have to do all this tomorrow, and I'm feeling the pressure. 

Well, I'm about to fall asleep, so I need to stop for now. 

Love to all!

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