Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Facts

After today, I only have three more days of work.  I'm excited about this, but I'm also a little sad.  I'm praying I don't make a fool of myself all day and boohoo all over the lunchroom floor.

I felt okay today until I went outside to talk to a neighbor for ten minutes.  When I came inside, I felt horrid.  So much so that I asked my sweet Daddy to go get all the boys and to deliver one of them to his home safely.  I took a nap while he was gone.  When I woke up, my phone notified me that we were in a code orange ozone alert.  The air is stifling and unbreathe-able.  (I am pretty sure that is not a word.)  No wonder I felt so bad!  I've been kind of wheezy ever since.

I took the easy way out on dinner tonight and ordered Chinese takeout.  :-)  Thank You, Lord, that we live in a town large enough for me to do this conveniently.  I drove and Graham carried out.  He even ran into Kroger to buy some cookies to bake later. 

Drew's friend Josh is here to spend the night.  This is the third or fourth time he's asked him...and he was finally able to come over!

It's Friday night, and my plans are simple: I plan on eating cookies with milk later, watching a movie and maybe finishing the book I'm currently reading.  I am ready to move on to a new author!  I've been reading too much of this one author, and I'm done.  At least for a while. 

Speaking of...I need to make a run to my happy place tomorrow.  (The Ville's library.)

Jonah and Noah play baseball tomorrow...their game is at 1:15.  I hope I feel better by then...otherwise, I might sit this one out.  I can't imagine sitting outside in the heat for ten minutes, much less an hour. 

Did I say I was going to watch a movie later?  Who am I kidding???  I will probably fall asleep by nine.  My eyelids are growing heavy as I write this. 

Todd's working the barbecue fest tonight.  I miss him!  I am excited about watching a recorded show, though.  Bachelorette, anyone???

My eyes are sleepy, so I'm going to stop writing now. 

Love to all!

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