Tuesday, April 10, 2012


has been a really good day.  I took the day off from work so that I could go to the funeral of my friend Andrea's husband.  I posted about him earlier this past weekend.  Andrea and her sweet girls were in church on Easter morning, which I was so glad to see.  And his funeral today was a wonderful celebration of his life and his walk with the Lord.  I have no doubt that he is smiling down on today from Heaven.

Please continue to keep Andrea, Ashton and Rebekah in your thoughts and prayers.  I'm sure they will need it in the days to come.  Long after the last of the food has been eaten and the guests have gone back home is when I would imagine it might start to sink in a little.  Please just join me in praying for them.

Talk about a wake-up call, though.  I caught myself this past weekend getting aggravated at my husband for something really trivial.  Then in the next breath, I would thank the Lord that Todd was here with me...and that I wasn't having to plan his funeral like my friend. 

Sometimes God does that...uses an event to wake us up. 

I'm feeling a lot more grateful than usual...in fact, that day that he died, Todd was having a dad/son day with the boys.  I sent him a text and thanked him for being that kind of dad...and as my fingers tapped out that text, the tears were streaming. 

We should all stand back and evaluate our lives.  Our words.  Our actions.  Are we building our spouses up?  Or are we tearing them down? 

Proverbs 15:1 says, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

Are we gentle?  Or harsh?

Are we praying for our men?  That God continue to let them be Godly heads of our household? 

Trust me in knowing that I am preaching at myself here.  I just want you to prayerfully consider these words, though.  It's worth thinking about.  In the midst of Brian's funeral, I heard these phrases:

Live life to the fullest.

None of us are promised tomorrow...for God has numbered our days. 

It's worth thinking about.  Wouldn't you agree?

I am so thankful that our principal let me have today off.  I was very happy to have been a part of our Sunday school class, and the fact that we were well represented there today for Andrea and her girls. 

And a little late lunch with the girls never hurt, did it?  What a treat!  To have lunch out, and with a group of Godly women.  I was so blessed by this day.  I pray we were a blessing to Andrea.  I know hearing Brother Tommy speak today about the life Brian led blessed me. 

If you're married, take a moment and squeeze your loved one a little extra hard tonight before you go to bed.  I know I will. 

Love to all. 

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