Friday, April 20, 2012


Drew, Graham and I almost all took a bath with Crash last night.  He is really hard to bathe now that he's gotten bigger.  They used to be able to manage just fine, but not anymore.  I had to assist.  The part he loves is the blow drying of his hair afterward.  He feels like it's a puppy massage, I'm sure.  :-)

Noah woke up sick in the wee hours of the morning.  I hate that he didn't feel good...but I enjoy our time at home together, alone.  I'm not sure how Jonah will feel about going to school without him, so please pray this morning!  They get really upset, usually, if one of them misses and the other one goes.  It's only happened once or twice.  It's the twin thing I always talk about.

Jonah wanted to be number 8 on his baseball his big brother, Drew.  Isn't that precious?

And Graham was a wonderful older brother last night, helping Drew with algebra homework.  Todd can do it, but it had been so long since he had tried it, he had almost forgotten.  Graham was a trooper and did his homework and helped Drew all at the same time. 

Drew cleaned the kitchen last night...for no other reason than just because he loves me.  He told me so.  :-)

Well, this morning is Bible club, so I have to get them to school.  Happy Friday and love to all!


Christy Bullock said...

You and Todd are doing something right with those boys! I love that you brag on them for those things too! It's awesome! And it will encourage them to keep it up.

all4boys said...

You're so sweet to say that, Christy! Your boys seem the exact same way! It sounds like they'd all be great friends, doesn't it? Thank you for your sweet words...I am very proud. :) Have a great weekend with your family!

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