Wednesday, April 4, 2012

things I did in the last 24 hours

Sang songs to my kids.
Re-painted my fingernails...I got a fun, new shade at Target yesterday.
Bought something to wear for Easter...and a couple little extra things.
Said I was going to chop my hair off.
Decided I was not going to do that.
Wished I wasn't wishy-washy and such a girl about stupid hair. 
Read the Bible.  Today my Bible plan took me to 1 Samuel, then for Easter, into the book of John. 
Worshiped the Lord.
Kissed my husband.
Kissed my kids...multiple times.
Got yanked around by my (not so small) puppy.
Prayed for my husband and my kids.
Folded laundry.
Made four lunches.  Graham is buying today.
Sent Drew off on a field trip to the Pink Palace and grieved a little at the realization that this is his first field trip without a parent.  :-( 
Noted that now my kids are thirteen, twelve and nine.  Where in the WORLD has the time gone??? 

Lord, help me treasure these moments.  All of them.

Love to all.  


Shari said...

I felt the same way about Noah's field trip today. :( Are you going to meet them at the school for lunch?
Oh, and what new shade of nail polish did you get at Target yesterday? I picked up two new bottles there this morning. :)

all4boys said...

No, I didn't meet them for lunch. I figured he would prefer that I not. Sad, isn't it? I bought some Sally Hansen's called Gone Grey...I love it. It's like a gunmetal grey. Love!!! What did you buy?

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