Monday, April 30, 2012

Remember Me?

We've been busy!  I know, I know...this is the story of the rest of my life.  Or at least until my kids move out. 

Lacrosse is over for the season.  :-(  It's bittersweet.  I am glad to have a more free schedule, but I'm sad to not be cheering on the Dragons.  The good news is that there is a fall ball league starting up...and I'm thinking that sounds good. 

Some good news is that my favorite twins in the whole wide world have started baseball!  I love cheering them on every bit as much as I do cheering for the Dragons.  And tonight, they made some amazing plays.  This is a phenomenal little team, and they play their hearts out.  Jonah just so happened to make an amazing catch tonight...making it three outs in the last inning and ending the game at a whopping 16-3.  Go Tigers!

I am officially over this school year.  It happens every year around this time, and it doesn't always mean that something has just means that I'm ready for them all to be home with me.  At least until they start bickering, then I might be ready to send them back.  ;-)

Watching television has become something of a chore.  I've been reading way more than I've been watching tv lately, and I'm so far behind on my shows that I'm about to just give up on them.  Todd's watching Deadliest Catch right now, which I'm watching with him, in between words.  I've almost given up on DWTS, too.  Time is precious right now, and honestly...I'd prefer to read a good book. 

Speaking of...I've been reading Kristin Hannah lately.  I read a lot of her stuff in high school, and she's kind of grown up alongside me.  Her books are more mature now, and they are amazing!  The last one I read by her was Homefront, about a military family.  I cried most of the way through it.  I don't mind crying in books...lots of people I know don't like that, but I don't mind.  I feel like I know the characters by the time I reach the end, and I'm usually sad to say goodbye. 

Did you know that I get seasick?  And air...and car...and any other time, but seasickness is not something I enjoy.  I'm watching Deadliest Catch with my hubby, and I am thinking back to our mission trip to Iceland, and our four hour ferry boat ride to the Westman Islands.  I was so deathly sick that I had to join our missionary wife, Sheila, below deck in a room with bunk beds.  Apparently I turned a ghastly shade of green...and our missionary, Mike, led the way to my downstairs suite.  Oddly enough, once I was flat, I was fine.  Grown men were throwing up over the side of that huge boat...the North Atlantic Ocean was crazy rough that day, and I should have known better than to tough it out when I got sick before we even left the rocky barrier. 

Lovely.  But what fun times, and amazing memories.  :-)  How many people can say they were on  a ferry boat in that ocean???  In Iceland, for goodness' sake?? 

It was amazing. 

I told you...our own private quarters. 

Well, this has gone about a thousand different ways, hasn't it?  I just thought I would stop by and write so you would know I'm still around.  Busy, crazy, but around. 

Love to all. 


Shari said...

YAY - you posted! :) I have enjoyed our chats over the past week! We need to do it more often!

I get carsick, airsick, boatsick, etc too so I feel your pain!!!

Great pics and Keep posting!! :)

Christy Bullock said...

Glad to hear from you again. I should go post something too, just to get back at it! :) I totally get loving to cheer on your boys! We are in baseball season too, and loving it!

all4boys said...

Ha, Shari...I know...I've been in a writing funk. Was trying to do more than the same old, same old, but I think it might not be possible. I've enjoyed our chats, too! Divine appointments, I like to call them. :)

Thank you, Christy! Yes, you should go post, too! Girl...I about came unglued over Jonah's catch last night. I love baseball!!!

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