Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Tonight, Graham Douglas had a lacrosse game.  They played the St. Louis Saints (original, I know).  Even though we lost, they played a great game, and even managed to score three goals.  And they held the other team off for the entire first quarter.  I was proud.  Still am, in fact.  :)  Go Dragons!!

We were starving while we were there, and Jonah, Noah and Drew managed to talk Big Daddy out of some money for snacks and drinks.  Sucker.  ;)  It's okay, though...I'm kind of a sucker, too, when it comes to them.

Drew asked for Subway on the way home tonight.  I cannot believe that this child has never had Subway in his twelve years.  I introduced him to it tonight, and as my Facebook status says, "He has a new love.  Her name is Spicy Italian with Everything."

Did you know that puppies love new dog beds?  Well, puppies and old dogs.  Because of Andy the Wonder Dog having a "stomach issue" last night and today, him and Crash were treated to new beds today.  Not one, but two.  So now, there's barely enough room to walk.  But it's okay...because all is well in doggy world. 

I'm reading the story of Easter in the New Testament.  I love YouVersion...have I told you that?  They have many options for great reading plans in the Bible...and I'm the kind of gal who needs a "plan".  Anyway, I decided to read the story of Easter.  It started in John 13...and today (day three) had me reading John 17 and 18.  The more I read about Jesus...His life and His years spent walking this earth, the more I am in love with Him.  I cannot get enough of Him...reading His word brings me so much closer to Him.  I never really thought that until I started faithfully reading His word.  And all of a's like I'm taking part in the greatest romance ever written...but all of it is for me...and you, if you want.  Explaining what a relationship with Him is like trying to explain the colors of the sunset. 

It's virtually just have to experience it yourself. 

Drew decided to have a nice birthday dinner out with just Todd and me.  :)  His choice...but I'm not sure he knows which option he's picking yet.  We are celebrating tomorrow night. 

I have a pet peeve.  Imagine that.  It's the issue of height in my children.  Todd and I are not tall people.  Never have been, and never will be.  Therefore, our children are not going to be tall people.  I'm okay with that.  They are okay with that.  I get mad when people talk about height around them, though...and if they don't stop, it's going to give them a complex about being vertically challenged.  You know what I want to say to people like that?  Shut up.  Just shut your big mouth up.  (My blog, my thoughts.)  I cannot stand it when society makes our children think less of themselves...whether it be because of height or weight.  Each of us are individually and wonderfully made...and I am pretty sure God knew what He was doing when He created my vertically challenged children.  And tonight, one of my sons was made to feel like crap because of his height.  Or lack thereof. 


Maybe I need to pray about my anger.  But darn it...I am the only person on this earth (well, and their dad) that is going to take a stand for them.  And this mama bear has her claws when it comes to my kids, I would watch it.

Not that this person ever reads my blog, but it sure (I almost typed 'sho) made me feel better to type it all out.
 Feel free to type anything you feel on your blog.  I highly recommend it.  Since I'm non-confrontational and all.  

I almost channeled my inner Madea. 


Well, the hubs is wanting me to pay attention to American Idol with him.  So I'll go.  Love to all. 


Shari said...

I can relate to the height issues. Eric and I are both vertically challenged. However, there is hope because Logan is already taller than Eric. I am pretty sure he is not done yet either. We are told Kendall will be tall too. Their great grandfathers were both over 6' so I guess they take after them. However, Noah is destined to take after us. ;-)

Rene' said...

I've always said you can mess with me, but do NOT mess with my kids! This momma bear becomes fiercely protective too...and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Sometimes Charles has to "talk me down off the ledge"...but hey...that's our job right? :)

all4boys said...

I don't think our have even that much hope, Shari! But as long as people don't say anything...then it's all okay. Rene, you are NOT kidding. I'm getting worse with age. I really try to keep my mouth shut, honestly...that's why I write on here. :) I miss your blog...I know you're busy, but I miss you when you don't post. Love ya!

Christa said...

I lurve your inner Madea coming out about your kids. You have every right to be protective and quick to defend them. They do not deserve to be treated unfairly because of something they can't help. Get it girl!

all4boys said...

:) Christa. Thank you! Lurve!!!

all4boys said...
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