Sunday, April 8, 2012

HaPpY eAsTeR

Today is a gloriously beautiful day...and I am so thankful that my Lord and Savior is alive and living in me.  Church was so good this morning...we sang some sweet songs, Brother Chuck preached a wonderful sermon, and after it all, we had a continental breakfast in our fellowship hall. 

And it's ten-oh-two a.m. and we're already home. 

We got to church at seven thirty, so we could get a parking spot and good seat, and attend the eight o'clock service. 

And I have to's kind of nice.  I have plenty of time to heat up the green bean casserole that I'm taking to my sister's house for lunch.  And about that green bean casserole...shut your mouth, it is amazing.  I used Pioneer Woman's recipe for homemade (all from scratch) green bean casserole. 

Along with my casserole, we're having ham and dumplings, squash, potato salad, deviled eggs (I think we should call them Jesus eggs today), rolls and salad.  And I think my stomach just growled. 

Enjoy your day today!  I hope you spend at least part of it in church.  And I hope you spend the rest of it with family.  We all should be so lucky.  I'm feeling extra grateful this morning for my family, our extended families, and the sweet principal I answer to.  She has blessed me by letting me have two days off this for Brian's funeral and the next for Jonah's and Noah's field trip.  I appreciate her thoughtfulness...because she doesn't have to be like that.

Happy Easter to you and yours...may you know that the reason we celebrate is all because of the Lord.  He sent His only Son to die for our sins, so that we could live with Him in eternity.  And He's not dead!  He lives inside of us...if only we ask Him.

I dare you.

Love to all.

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