Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Why do we call it Good Friday? 

The day my sweet Jesus was crucified on a innocent man. 

I've always wondered that.  But today I heard an explanation.  It's because on that Friday, horrific though it was to all that observed Him being flogged, beaten, and nailed to a cross, it was also a triumphant day.  That was the day that He overcame the world.  He overcame sin.  The grave couldn't hold Him.  Death couldn't keep Him.

He rose again, made Himself known to a few select people and then ascended into Heaven.

I would have loved to have been there.

I am extra emotional today.  I'm, at best, an emotional wreck on most days, but today is an exception.  I'm way worse than usual.  It all started when I was reading my Bible this morning.  I was in 1st Samuel with my chronological plan, and I got this text that set the tone for the rest of my day.

A dear friend of mine found her husband dead this morning.

I love this sweet lady, and her two daughters.  I have a real connection with one of the girls, the one in fourth grade, and I love and hug on her all the time during her lunch.

I cannot imagine what she is going through today.

She never knew that her life was about to change...that she was about to become a widow.  I wonder if she had known, would she do anything differently?

I cannot stress this NOT wait another minute to make your life right with God.  We never know when we're going to breathe our last.  His word says that He will come like a thief in the He did for this man last night.  Don't wait until you're "good enough".  We'll NEVER be good enough.  We are all sinners saved by grace.  He wants us to come to Him as we are, sins, faults and all.

You see, we have to lean on Him.  We don't get into Heaven because we're good.  We get into Heaven because of our relationship with Him.

Do you nurture your relationship with Him?  Have you prayed lately?  Have you read His word to us?

I urge you to think about it.

Get into church!  Going to church won't get you through the gates into Heaven, but we are called to have fellowship with other believers.  I know my friend is thankful for her church family today...if not for that, I wouldn't even know her.

If you have un-forgiveness in your heart, I urge you to forgive.  If you need to ask forgiveness, then ask!

You might not have another day.

Live each day like it's your last.

How are you living?  

Take an extra few minutes and thank the Lord for your loved ones.  I pray I never take mine for granted.

Love to all. 

Thank You, Lord, for this glorious day...sad though it may be for my friend.  Thank You that her husband knew You and loved You...and thank You that today, on this beautiful day, he got to see Your face for the first time.  Be with my friend, Lord, and her two precious girls.  Strengthen them and help them.  Hold them up with your victorious right hand.  Thank You, Lord, for paying the ultimate price for ME...thank You for dying on a cross so that I might have eternal life with You.  I love You, Lord.  Amen.


Shari said...

Oh Jen! My Thoughts and prayers are with your friend and her family. So very sad. :(

all4boys said...

Thank you, Shari...I cannot imagine. And this just happened to your friend recently, too...had he been sick? This man had not...I don't know which is worse. Thank you for the prayers...their sweet girls go to our school.

Christy Bullock said...

Thank you for sharing this. I cannot imagine what your friend is going through, and her girls. Sometimes God will use things like this to change someone else's life and they turn to Him. I pray they will be able to see something good happen after this tragic thing. It is a "Good Friday" to those of us who understand what it means. It's good to us because if it hadn't happened, there would be no hope for us.

all4boys said...

Thank you, Christy...I went to his funeral today, and it was a beautiful service that celebrated his life and his walk with the Lord. I have no doubt that he is singing with the angels in Heaven...he loved Christian music, and they played some really good songs today. :)

I's good for us because we know what happened, and Who our hope is the secular world, it's just another day. I am thankful for our religious freedom in this country.

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