Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Goings On

I don't know if the title makes sense.  But it's what we're doing this weekend. 

Todd, Jonah and Noah are at a Father/Son game night at church.  (Which NEVER happens...everything else happens...Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, Father/Daughter...but Father/Son???  It was a no-brainer.)

While they're away, Graham, Drew and I, along with my best friend Amanda and her two kids, Haley and Eli, are going to see The Hunger 9:35.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!  I've been dying to see this movie after reading the book.  :)  Happy Friday Night!

Before our dinner of spicy chicken sandwiches, the older boys are bathing the pup. 

Tomorrow Drew has a lacrosse game.  :)  I love watching my sons play this sport.  Speaking nephew in Denver, Austin, broke his leg in his lacrosse game last night.  If you're the prayin' kind, will you pray for him?  I know he's discouraged because this means he's out the rest of his season, and he can't play in this big tournament coming up next week.  I feel awful for him...and I know Debi could use the prayers, too.  Us mama's do not like seeing our kids suffer...either from pain or discouragement. 

Tomorrow night we're having dinner at my mom's and stepdad's house.  This is one of the highlights of our week...the kids love going out there early so they can play on all the land.  I love that they love this...all too soon I know the day will come when that will not be the case. 

Sunday is church!  I'm pumped because this Sunday we have THE BIG EVENT...which is crazy and awesome and super fun.  If you are local and would like information about this, comment and I'll get back with you. 

That's about it.  I know that somewhere in this weekend we will get caught up on all our dvr'd shows.  There are several that we need to catch up on. 

What are you up to this loverly weekend?  Share the love and comment!

Love to all!

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