Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My husband had to spend the night in Little Rock last night.  He went there on a job, didn't have the right parts to finish, and stayed there overnight so he could finish today, as soon as the parts get to him.  I miss him when he's gone...and when he works for the sheriff's department, it's different, because I know he'll be home later.  But when I know he won't be home later...well, Graham and I woke up all night.  :-(  It might be a long day.

I fell asleep at nine o'clock in the recliner last night.  What am I, an old man???

I'm so blessed to love the people I work with, and it was good to see them yesterday.  The group of ladies that make up our teacher assistants are an amazing group of women...always happy, always smiling and they love the kids.  It's nice to see everyday...particularly when my own kids love them like crazy. 

I have a grade that I get attached to every year, and this year it's fourth grade.  I love those kids so much!  They're so funny, and one group in particular, just brings me so much joy. 

I have another busy afternoon of running my kids around planned.  Yesterday was the same, and I caved and we had pizza last night.  I totally did not feel like going to the grocery store after work, so I decided we'd just eat pizza. 

I did manage to wake up last night in time to watch one of my favorite shows on the DVR. 

I also watched Dancing With The Stars...I don't even know that I like it that much anymore, but I watched it.  Almost out of habit.  I'm not sure if I'll continue it or not...I'd kind of prefer to read a book.  Well, not kind of...I would.

The case of the missing library books was solved!  Jonah found the two that were missing...luckily, they're only five or six days late and it's only two...and not ten, like we've done before. 

I have to go grocery shopping today.  :-(

I got to have a brief 'phone date' with one of my best friends last night...I get to see her beautiful self in a couple weeks!  Can't wait! 

What are you up to today?  

Love to all!

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