Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make A Difference

We have opportunities every single day to do just what the title says.  I have been trying more and more to do this...and yesterday at Walmart, the perfect opportunity was suddenly before me.

I pray that it was received as a loving gesture in the name of Jesus (I didn't say that, and later wished I had).

What are ways you can make a difference, you wonder?

Smile.  Be aware of your facial expressions at all times...I am more likely to approach someone who looks cheerful than someone who is frowning.

Be kind.  You never know what kind of day someone has had...and if it's someone you're not crazy about...being kind to them just might change how they are to you!

Encourage.  I do believe this is a gift from God (it says so in the Bible), and if you're like me and have this gift (not bragging, it's just like breathing to me), USE IT!  Click that "share" button on Facebook if something speaks to you...chances are, it'll speak to someone else.  The Bible verses I put up on Facebook ALWAYS have meanings for me that day.  Like the status I just posted.

Love.  Love openly, wholeheartedly and genuinely.  I am in the perfect position to do this every single day...not that I always feel like it, but I try my hardest.  The kids God has blessed me with in my life (mine and all the 800 or so other ones) have been such little gifts to me.  I thank God everyday for them...and for their acts of kindness to me.  It might be a diet coke from a mom and her daughter (ahem, Shea if you still read this, I love you and thank you so much for this little thing!!!), or it might be a piece of candy.  It might just be a hug.  :)  A little goes a long way.

If we take the time and look for some ways to make a difference in someone's life, who knows how God will use that to work in us?  There is always a lesson in everything.

Look for opportunities today...I dare you (and myself).

Happy Wednesday and love to all.

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