Tuesday, March 20, 2012

funny sayings

Drew: "Mom!  You should be proud of me!!  I hit a kid so hard I knocked him three feet back.  And then he cried for the next twenty minutes."  (At lacrosse practice, not for fun.)

Noah: "Mom, the next time you make this fish, make two pans.  One spicy pan and one not-spicy pan.  Okay?"

Graham: "Mom, are we watching Dancing with the Stars tonight?"

Drew: "I want to...I kinda like that show."


As if there aren't enough funny things going on, Todd's brother Tim is in the process of grossing me out on Facebook.  He took a picture of his toe and posted it all for my benefit after I messed around with him about a weird picture he took.  

It must run in this family, is all I'm saying.


I love them all...as crazy as they all are.  Or maybe I should be saying "we".  

How was your day?  

Mine was great, but it got much better after I left work.  Who knew that Walmart would bring out the best in my day?  I know...weird, huh?

Enjoy your evening...love to all!

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