Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Night

Whew.  This is one Friday night I am glad to see almost gone.  Well...not really.  Not since I've been home.  Drew had a game against a (hoity-toity) private school tonight.  And yes, we have issues with private schools.  Major ones.  I know that not everyone that has a child in one thinks they're better off than the rest of us public school folks, but we've come across some private school lacrosse parents who do think this way.


We played against St. George's.  Which also happens to be the most expensive private school in Memphis.  I don't know what this statement has to do with anything, except that it makes me feel a little better.

As far as the game goes, let's just say that I am proud of how many points our boys put on the scoreboard.  They put six points on the board, but the refs didn't count the last one.  In their eyes, the final score was 13-5, but like I was really 13-6.  Our boys also played clean.  And fair.

The other team SO did not.

And the refs were terrible...didn't know what they were doing, admitted to calling the wrong team and didn't know who to penalize when they "thought" they saw a slash.  (Which, I will just tell you that Drew did slash, and I am proud of him for it.  I have a very hard time loving mean kids.)  Seriously...the refs had to ask who it was that slashed...and Drew 'fessed up.

My stomach was killing me by the time we walked off the field.  I hate confrontation and I have anxiety about games like this one.  Our parents were yelling some pretty horrible things at the refs...and I'll be honest when I say that they embarrassed me.  I know that it's the whole point of it all that counts, but it's totally unnecessary to cheer when your kid hits someone upside his head in a totally illegal move.

It honestly seems silly to me.  Bad refs or good refs, bad playing teams or good playing teams...the one thing that does matter is that our kid plays his best.  That he play as clean and legal a game as he can and that he do it all for the glory of the Lord.  (Colossians 3:23)  I think it's important that they play fair, and I am so proud of Drew for confessing that he was the one the ref saw slash.  Even though he didn't have to admit it, he did.

I told them the next a game was this bad and our parents were yelling as much as they did tonight, that I was going to go sit in my car.  I can watch and cheer just as easily from there as I can from the field.

I had to move tonight...not only because of the embarrassment factor, but because I couldn't see.  But seriously...most of the reason was because of the embarrassment factor. 

Have I mentioned I have anxiety over games like these?  I do not like confrontation, and I am so bothered by what people might say about us.

I don't know why I'm like this...but I will not be watching another game like this one with the other parents.  I will watch from my car.  With the radio blaring, if I have to, so I can drown out the yells.

Do you feel like this with anything??  Is it just me, caring too much what people think?

If you love me, comment.  Call me paranoid, but I would love to know that I am not the only mom like this.

Happy Friday that I am home, I intend to enjoy the rest of it.  Love to all.

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Karen said...

I moved for the same reason :(

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